Dine At Home

Our Dine In At Home dishes for your special night in. Each dish is fully prepared and delivered to you with simple instructions on how to heat and eat. 

Please note that some dishes are frozen to maintain freshness.  To pick up, please order your meals at least one day in advance of when you intend to eat as some dishes may require defrosting. Deliveries are every Thursday to anywhere in Liverpool. Chilled dishes can be kept in the fridge for 3 days or in the freezer for 1 month before heating and eating. Dishes are not suitable for re-freezing.

Call 0151 734 4847 or 07709 003548 to place your order. Tell us about any allergies before you order. We’ll send you a secure payment link when you have placed your order.


Let us know if you have any additional requirements. Anything can be accommodated!

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