What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a versatile traditional Korean pickle made from salted and fermented vegetables. All of our Kimchi are made with no artificial anything. Handmade in small batches, using only the freshest ingredients it is vegan, gluten free and probiotic. It’s ready to eat right out of the pouch and also perfect in soups, stews, fried rice, pizza, pasta, burgers… the list is endless, just use your imagination!

How old is my Kimchi?

You can check the age of your Kimchi by finding the ‘Best Before’ date on the back of the pouch. This is 3 months after the packing date.

Is my Kimchi OK to eat after the Best Before date?

Absolutely! Your Kimchi will be fine up to 9 months after the Best Before date. After that, it will be very tart and is best used for cooking.

How long will my Kimchi stay fresh after I have opened it?

Be sure to squeeze all of the air out of your pouch before sealing it back up. This will slow down oxidation (oxygen and Kimchi are not friends). The Kimchi will not spoil but the taste and texture will change after 14 days. Try and finish the pouch before this happens or you can cook with it.

Is Love Kimchi Kimchi pasteurised?

Absolutely not! What makes our Kimchi stand out from the crowd is that it is probiotic. The pouch acts as a mini Eden Project for all the good bacteria in the Kimchi, allowing our Kimchi to become a living food! This way of fermentation has been around for thousands of years. If it ain’t broke…

Why does my Kimchi pouch leak?

There is a one-way valve on the back of the pouch which can leak a drop or two of Kimchi juice when the pouch is squeezed or very inflated due to fermentation.

Why is there a valve on the back of my Kimchi pouch?

All of our Kimchi are fermented. As the Kimchi ferments, it produces CO2 which causes the pouch to expand. This is the perfect environment for your Kimchi as it indicates the Kimchi is ready to eat. Without the one-way valve, the pouch would eventually pop and nobody wants that.

Why does my Kimchi overflow when I open it for the first time?

This is due to fermentation.  If the pouch is overly inflated with CO2, the Kimchi may overflow the first time the pouch is opened. This is caused by the escaping CO2 pushing Kimchi out of the pouch. We recommend opening a fresh pouch in a bowl on a tea towel or over the sink so any rogue Kimchi doesn’t stain your kitchen table.

Why does my Kimchi taste different since I last bought it?

No two pouches of our Kimchi are the same! You may have purchased an older or younger Kimchi previously. The age of the Kimchi determines the flavour and texture of the vegetables. It will become tart as it ages. When it becomes too tart for your taste you should start to cook your Kimchi in soups and stews for an extra special twist.  Our Classic Kimchi is fabulous cooked in almost any way you decide. Kimchi Quesadillas anyone? You can speed up fermentation by leaving your Kimchi at room temperature for 24 hours.

Can I eat my Kimchi out of the pouch?

Yes you can, but like a fine wine you should let your Kimchi breathe for 10 minutes before serving for best results.

Can I eat the whole pouch all in one go?

While that would be some hardcore Kimchi munch, we wouldn’t recommend it due to the salt content. Always follow a well balanced diet and enjoy your Kimchi in moderation.

Can I buy your Kimchi online?

Yes you can! Head on over to our shop to order Classic and White Kimchi, DIY Kimchi Kits and Kimchi Kit Refills. New products are added regularly. Subscribe to Love Kimchi News for special offers and discounts.

What else can I make with my Kimchi?

Check out our Kimchi Recipes page for a bunch of tried and tested, quick and easy vegan How-To recipe videos.  You can also head over to our non vegan sister site www.gildedgingerbread.com, Hyeon Jeong’s lifestyle blog, for loads of amazing Korean recipes to use up your Kimchi.


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